LDT Management Meeting Wednesday 16th August 2017, 7.00pm at the Burgh Buildings.

1. Jim Stuart chaired the meeting.

2. Apologies: Stuart Murray, Toby Burrell,Natalie Lucey,Anne-Maryse Churchill, Peter Reid. Alastair Donald.

3. Present: Jim Stuart, John Medlock,Colleen Henderson, Doug Shaw, Sarah Leigh, Tero Luoma, Mike Robson.

4. Notification of conflicts of Interests.-Jim Stuart and John Medlock re housing proposals.

5. Minute of Meeting held on July 12th 2017 was read and adopted.

6. Matters arising from minutes.

a) Audited Accounts – not required by LAG nor SLF. To check with Council re CAT applications (action MR).

b) Philip Lucey has kindly volunteered to assist the Trust in regard to preparing feasibility studies for the CAT applications.The offer is gratefully accepted.

c) The alteration regarding partners for the LAG funding had caused some concern about the number of organisations involved in the project.(Scottish Enterprise was being approached in respect of the commissioned work). Clarification was to be sought.(Action MR).
MR had spoken to Karen McWilliam who was to take advice from Morna Harper (Economic Development) re previous work carried out for Laurencekirk V.I.C.

d) CAT applications. Diane Strachan from the area manager’s team has been appointed to assist us with the applications. Part of her duties are to provide information on the buildings including income and expenditure records, building surveys and the nature of the property deeds. (Action MR)

e) Sarah noted the communications with Rory Dutton of DTAS and will arrange a meeting re SLF and CAT applications. (Action: Sarah).Doug Shaw also invited to join the sub-group.

7. Report from St. Laurence Hall sub-group meeting on 10th August.
Present: Jim Stuart, Alastair Donald, Doug Shaw and Mike Robson.
Apologies from Tero Luoma.

Aberdeenshire Council CAT steering group have not agreed to include the former hall-keeper’s house in the application. (There is no right of appeal at the stage 1 application). (Cllr. Carr has also declined to support our request due to councillors’ roles at a later stage of the process). A letter will be sent to the Chair of Corporate Community Asset Transfer Steering Group.

Anne Maryse was asked about checking the deeds of both CAT properties and agreed the importance of this (MR will ask Diane Strachan to assist).

It was agreed that we need to lobby to support community control of the hall and it was suggested that we use the Reid Hall in Forfar as an example to aspire to.(Action : Alastair Donald).

It was proposed to aim at holding 24 events per annum to produce £12,000 to cover the running costs of the hall and to create a fabric fund. An initial concert is proposed later this year using Alastair Donald’s contact.

8. AOCB.

a) Sarah reminded us that a delegation is to attend the Thursday coffee morning next Thursday to engage with the group and take photographs to demonstrate an active membership.

b) Jim reminded the members that we would have an opportunity to meet with Piers Blaxter at the Place Standard meeting to be held in the autumn (after the Amey, graded junction up-date). There is a prospect that new proposals for the local development plan will be brought forward for consideration.

c) Mike asked for support on progressing the proposed foot/cycle path on Johnston Mains directly with the owner if the Council are not making progress. A letter under the freedom of information legislation will be sent to the Council.

9. The date of the next meeting will be September 13th.

Suggested – 1. Members to attend the Thursday Coffee Morning Group and 2.To hold a cheese and wine. (Action MR).

Action: Community Centre – Sarah Leigh, Natalie Lucey and Ann Lewendon.

St Laurence Hall- Jim Stuart, Alistair Donald, Anne-Maryse Churchill.

b) St. Laurence Hall. Jim Stuart reported that he and Alistair Donald had visited the hall with Mike Ewan (entertainment organiser from Forfar). It is proposed to organise a fund raising concert later in the year. Alastair is to contact a local organisation who may partner the Trust in this venture.

Jim Stuart has also received support from local publicans to hold events in the hall. Other options were also suggested for consideration.

c) Future for electric cars. Tero is to attend an event shortly and will report back. Action: TL.

d) Youth Club. Mike reported that Dee Wardell had not reported on communications with Mearns Youth Forum and hoped for a response after the summer holiday.

e) Ownership of Council properties in Laurencekirk. Action : MR to contact AC re title deeds.

f) Councillors to be invited to September meeting of LDT. Action: MR.

g) Sarah Leigh reported that the arrangements for the community cinema had changed and that the original Council support has come to an end. Clarification about access to the Academy during the school holidays is to be clarified.

h) Footpath. It was agreed that J.S. and M.R. should arrange a meeting with the landowner to discuss and progress the proposal to establish a path to improve access to the Garvock Hill road. Action: MR

9. Laurencekirk Trusts.
A short discussion on the fate of Trusts which benefit the local community concluded that more detail was required on their fate.

Action: MR to establish current information available.

10. Laurencekirk AB30 website. Lynn Moir reported on its finances and needs over the next few months. Hosting currently costs £15 / month and the domain name fee is due in the autumn. More advertising income would improve the financial picture and an increase in contributions to the Blog would provide more material to attract users. Members were to be encouraged to submit articles.
Action MR write to Rotary Club.

11. Treasurers report. Funds- no change since last month.

12. AOCB none.

13. Date of next meeting: August 16th.