*Sep 2020 – The Trust has been disbanded*

The Laurencekirk Development Trust

SC 435274, registered 23rd October 2012



What is the Laurencekirk Development Trust?

The name itself indicates the purpose of this community organisation, and the extent of its potential activities are covered in its Articles of Association as listed with Companies House.

Launched in 2013, the following lengthy sentence tries to encompass the vision and scope for the Trust:

“To deliver a visionary, ambitious and sustainable community that embraces the challenges and opportunities of the changing economic, social, environmental and cultural issues within our town by working in partnership with public, private and voluntary organisation.”

More simply, we want to make life in Laurencekirk even better. We aim to harness our assets, the people of Laurencekirk, to take more responsibility for our own destiny by delivering the sort of things identified in our “Community Vision Statement“. This was based on the ideas and aspirations of residents of the area who regard Laurencekirk as “our town”.

How can you be involved?

We would like as many as possible to join the Trust and play their part in the community.

Currently there are three types of member:

  • Member should be resident in Laurencekirk and be over 16 Years of Age and have full voting rights at General Meetings.
  • Associate Members reside outside Laurencekirk but have an interest in the town and its future but have no voting rights.
  • Junior Members are between 12 and 15 years of age but have no voting rights.

Who runs the Trust?

We have a maximum of ten elected Directors and can co-opt two more from outwith Laurencekirk.

In addition we have an advisory committee who meet with the directors to provide special expertise to assist the Board. The current Board and advisory committee consists of:


Chairperson: Jim Stuart

Vice-Chair: Currently vacant

Company Treasurer: Currently vacant

Secretary: Ann-Maryse Churchill

Directors: Jim Stuart, Ann-Maryse Churchill, Toby Burrell, Euan Ramsay, Marion Robson, Fred Higgins, Lesley Higgins and Morag Mitchell.

Advisory Committee

John Medlock, Lynn Moir.

When do they meet?

Normally meetings are held monthly, with minutes published on this website.

How can members of the Trust and residents contact the Trust?

Via the contact form here


Annual General Meetings are held between January and March each year.