The Laurencekirk Development Trust SC 435274 Minute of Annual General Meeting, Financial Year 1st November 2016- 31st October 2017, held on Wednesday 14th March 2018 in Mearns Academy at 7.30 pm.

1. Jim Stuart, chairman, welcomed the attendees.

2. Attendance: 23 members were present.

3. Apologies were submitted by Sandra Davison, Sylvia Cartwright, Kenny Gray, Margaret Irvine, Marion Robson and Sarah Leigh.

4. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 8th March 2017 were approved and adopted being proposed by Alastair Donald and seconded by Colleen Henderson.

5. Matters Arising From The Minutes: None.

6. Chairman’s Annual Report was delivered by Jim Stuart.

7. Treasurer’s report: Ann Lewendon presented the financial reports for the year to 31st October, 2017 and an interim report on the current year to date with full explanations. She noted that although the Trust operates on a tiny budget there is a need to fund raise to cover the costs which include those for maintaining the websites ( and the Laurencekirk Development Trust Site. Membership of the Development Trust Association Scotland also benefits the community by accessing a range of professional advisers. The statement was adopted, proposed by Jim Stuart and seconded by Mike Robson.

8. Appointment of Directors.
At this time Jim Stuart retired having completed three years on the board; Mike Robson retired due to other commitments. In addition Alastair Donald, Anne Maryse Churchill and Toby Burrell also stood down before submitting themselves for re-election.

The following candidates presented themselves for election to the five available seats on the board: Jim Stuart, Alastair Donald, Anne-Maryse Churchill, Toby Burrell and Euan Ramsay. Their appointments were unanimously accepted by acclaim.

9. Appointment of accountants.
Currently registered as a “micro-entity” by HMRC in respect of financial reports, the Trust is currently exempt from this requirement.

10. AOCB
Implications for Laurencekirk of the different options for a graded junction on the A90.
The chairman asked the members present to consider how the new infrastructure would impact the traffic flow through the town and to engage with Transport Scotland and their agents when the public engagement is held.

11. The meetings was closed at 8.30pm.

12. Provisional deadlines for the next AGM will be between the 21st February and 5th April 2019.