Minute of the Laurencekirk Development Trust, 10 April 2019 – Burgh Buildings 7 pm.

Chaired by Jim Stuart
Present: Jim Stuart (JS), Anne-Maryse Churchill (AMC), Marion Robson (MR), Fred Higgins (FH), Lesley Higgins (LH), Morag Mitchell (MM), Ann Lewendon (AL), Lynn Moir (LM) and John Wilson (JBW)

1. Apologies were submitted by John Medlock, Coleen Henderson and Michael Robson.

2. Notifications of conflicts of interest None.

3. Minute of Meeting on 13 February: Proposed by JS and seconded by AMC.

4. Matters Arising from the Minutes. All included in the Agenda.

5. Conveth Project: AMC has spoken with Diane Strachan who is to be chasing up the valuation and will send it to AMC. Re-new EOI. Action: AMC. AMC advising that we should set a time limit of 6 weeks to get our new application in. Suggesting that the Conveth Committee meet to discuss the various suggested uses. AMC has been in touch with Rory Dutton who is happy to look over the application and has sent information to AMC by email. JS noting that he has put dates in the diary for LDT Meetings (every second Wednesday) and Conveth Group (every fourth Wednesday). AMC to advise Conveth Committee about meeting Action: AMC.

6. Discussion re: Conveth Project: Various uses were discussed as before as follows:-
Out of School Club. They are unhappy with their present location at the primary school. More space being taken from them and times being changed. Nothing was paid for the use of the space to the Council. MM Chairperson of the Out of School Club. Action: MM who will check if Council will stay pay if relocate to the old Community Centre.

Try to woo back the Art Club. Action: JS

Sub Library. Jill Reid to be spoken with Action: MR.

Café. Which will hopefully be compatible with the art club and the library amongst other things.
Mens’ shed. This seems to be covered so discussed as to whether it would be suitable. MR noted that equipment would need to be left out.

Parking spaces. There was a discussion regarding this. JS advised we would be likely to get an income of £100 a week if we did so because the High Street is so heavily congested. MR spoke about access. JS commented that Lournie Chipper would like access and to see if we could sell them that which would allow us to raise money for our coffers.

Club for Chest, Heart and Stroke suggested by MR as there is little assistance once patients are discharged from Woodend Stroke Department.

Café for people with Alzheimers.

Group for people with mental health issues.

7. Access Path to Garvock Hill. Update by JS that the farmer has agreed Amey will now do it as they may be able to get a consideration for it. To be discussed with farmer. Action JS.

8. Laurencekirk Gala: MM advising that the AGM is on 16 April at 7.30. The decision is to run the gala for one day only starting from next year as a lot of preparation is required.. There is a lot of interest in giving assistance which was welcomed.

9. New Directors: AMC explaining that paper copies of the AP01 directors forms were returned as we are registered for electronic submissions to Companies House only. AL gave AMC the authentication code to allow AMC to submit these electronically.

10. Review of communication with members and GDPR. MM kindly volunteered to take on the cleansing of the list and discussion about compliance with the regulations. AMC will copy list and deliver to MM Action: MM and AMC. Discussion about use of Mail Chimp going forward.

11. Grant Appplication to K and M Community Planning for £300 grant. Action: JS

12. Tenth Anniversary of reopening of railway station. There ensued a lively discussion about a celebration. MR led the discussion and explained what had happened when the station was re-opened. Do we want to do a celebration? The consensus was that we did. Suggestion that the Primary school do a card and that there be a presence at the station perhaps with dancers and pipers and coffee thereafter at the Dickson Hall. There was also a discussion about how it would be funded. Agreement on who would take this forward Action: MR, MM, LH, LM and AMC to write to Euan Ramsay to see if he will become involved.

13. Heritage Club meeting date. Just a reminder by MR that they meet the third Wednesday of each month and JS noting the Gala committee meet on the third Tuesday of the month.

14. Change of meeting time. It was agreed that we would continue in the Burgh Buildings on the second Wednesday of each month but at the later time of 7.30 as many found it difficult to get to the meeting for 7.

15. Secretarys Report: Matters arising as noted above. Also noting we need to pay our DTAS subscription. The table kindly contributed a total of £120 from JS, AMC, MR, FH, LH and JBW.

16. Treasurers Report: AL noted we had £11.66 at the end of the financial year but between a further donation and monies collected at the table the balance would now be £206.66 The accounts need to be filed and the annual return done in November. AMC noting 28 day deadline after the year end or we will be fined. There will be no CGT.

17. Chairmans Report: JS discussing traffic management. Junctions must be made safer given the recent tragic accidents. Letters to Scottish Government and copies to Liam Kerr and Andrew Bowie Action: JS There is to be a meeting with Lesley Robertson about the Community Action Plan. JS will provide up to date information on dates and expressing his preference that 2 member of DLT be there. Action: JS.

18. Fund raising. AMC doing an Exercisethon. Other ways of raising funds were discussed also. There was general agreement that we need funds in hand to do things.

19. AOCB. Discussion about us having a logo. AMC showing members the poster which we did for the Information Meeting and AGM and that the work done by Lizzie Birney could be tweaked to make it a logo if desired. JS advising that there is work ongoing at the Memorial Park to provide an additional toilet.

20. Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 8th May at 7.30 pm in the Burgh Buildings.