Minute of the Laurencekirk Development Trust 14 August 2019 – Burgh Buildings 7.30 pm.

Chaired by Jim Stuart

Present: Jim Stuart (JS), Anne-Maryse Churchill (AMC), Carol Medlock (CM), Euan Ramsay (ER), John Medlock (JM), Marion Robson (MM), Morag Mitchell (MM), Toby Burrell (TB)

1. Welcome from JS.

2. Apologies were submitted by Fred and Lesley Higgins

3. CAT Transfer: As agreed at the July meeting the sole purpose of the meeting was to discuss the CAT transfer. There was a little bit of confusion between ER and AMC about the projector so we were unable to use it.AMC has not seen the centre so will contact Diane Strachan to gain access to the building.

AMC went through the requirements in the Form in detail so that everyone has a flavour of exactly what we need to do to submit it in an acceptable form.

The group discussed again the groups who may be using the building. These are the Art Club, Out of School Club, Lunch Club amongst others.

JS reported the two ladies who wish to run a café are still very keen and would like to be in by Christmas. They would pay a rental of £8400 per annum. There was discussion around their contribution to utilities. There was also discussion around who might be able to give us grant funding to assist with the upgrade of the building etc. JS directing the meeting to KDP (Kincardineshire Development Planning) website which lists potential grant providers.

Questions were asked again about the valuation. MR quite right pointing out that a formal valuation would be done once we had submitted our Application for which we would be liable for half as advised by Diane Strachan in an email to AMC. AMC advising that Diane Strachan had previously said that they would give us an informal idea of valuation and AMC will follow this up. JS advising he thought the valuation would be around £340,000 but feels that we would still be able to “purchase” it for a consideration of £1. There was discussion around getting our own informal valuation and JM kindly offered to contact Dave Tait of Shepherds, Montrose to look at it for us. MR suggested we get two valuations. There is of course the question of professional fees.

JS is working hard on assessing potential income and potential liabilities so that we can enter the details in to our business plan. It was decided that AMC would contact Ann Lewendon who although resigned as a Director had indicated that she would assist where she could. This would be with a view to preparing our business plan and cash flow projection. In addition JS will work out the cost of upgrading the building. To date we are looking at a figure of £80,000 which would include the cost of a portacabin potentially for the out of school club. Noting that MM feels that the portacabin would be better being used as an office to allow the occupants to have peace and quiet. It is anticipated that the Centre will be fairly noisy with the café and other activities going on.

The group agreed on an Action Plan before the next meeting as follows:-
1. AMC and JS to meet with Ann if she is prepared to assist. Action: AMC and JC
2. All to look in to potential grant funding. Action: All
3. JM will organise two valuations of the Centre. Action: JM.

4. Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 17 September at 7.30 pm in the Burgh Buildings. (AMC on holiday at the usual meeting date so deferred accordingly).