New Treasurer needed

We are seeking a volunteer to take on the recently vacated role of Treasurer. As a Board member and Treasurer, you will have the following duties:

– Be the point of contact with the bank with respect to the LDT’s bank account.

– Act as a signatory for payment of invoices and other expenditure.

– Process invoices for payment.

– Monitor cashflow and report to the Board on the LDT’s financial position on a monthly basis.

– Prepare an annual statement and report at the AGM.

– File the annual tax return at Companies House and HMRC.

If this is something you would like to help us with, please contact our secretary Anne-Maryse here.

2017 AGM report

Our AGM was held on the evening of March 8th, 2017. Highlights included:

  • Chairman Jim Stuart’s annual report which encompassed the Trust’s efforts in making Capital Asset Transfers for the former Mearns Academy and its playing field,
  • Securing funding for a Charrette planning exercise by Planning Assist Scotland which resulted in a new community vision entitled “Shaping Laurencekirk”.
  • This has provided the Trust with a sound base for future development plans and a current survey across the community has already attracted over 300 participants ( see online at
  • Studies have been made into the options for the development of the old community centre and the St Laurence Hall, both of which Aberdeenshire Council intend disposing of.
  • A project to create a safe access foot/cycle path to link residents with the Garvock hill, a favourite walk and view point, currently separated from the town by the A90 dual carriageway.
  • Support for a group of local footballers who have initiated work to improve facilities at the Memorial Park, to accommodate more teams and better facilities
  • Continued success for the community website and Lynn Moir, who gives her time to run and maintain the site.
  • Annual financial report demonstrating the challenges of funding community groups.
  • Most importantly for the future the appointment of four new directors to the Trust, Natalie Lucey, Tero Luoma, Doug Shaw and Alastair Donald, all of whom bring very valuable skills to the organisation.This maintains a full board and provides added business management acumen.

AGM 2017

All local residents and members of the Laurencekirk Development Trust are invited to join us in the Mearns Academy Theatre on 8th March at 7.30pm.

You will receive an update on our current activities and a review of the previous year.

The Trust was established in 2013 and has worked steadily to promote improvements in Laurencekirk.

We take action based on residents’ wishes and are particularly keen to hear your aspirations or your concerns for the town.

We will give an interim report on our latest community questionnaire which aims to find the most popular projects from those identified during last year’s Shaping Laurencekirk event.

We look forward to meeting both existing and potential members and to gathering your thoughts on how to improve the town.

You’ve had your say, now help us prioritise what direction Laurencekirk goes in next!

During the first quarter of 2016 we ran several community engagement open days at Mearns Academy. These were to discover what residents of the area felt Laurencekirk currently required, and what was felt it needed to grow for the future. These engagements were a huge success with good turn outs and lively debates! You can read the resulting Community Vision publication here.

LDT wishes to thank everyone that participated and provided us with plenty of food for thought. Now we have a new survey which allows you, the community, to democratically decide what you feel are the most important and urgent issues the Trust should focus on next. This survey allows you to rank each of the topics that were gathered from the community engagements of last year.

The more completed surveys we get, the better we will know where to channel our time and energies as we move forward. Therefore please complete a survey and pass it on to someone you know or perhaps a local interest group. Many thanks for your time from everyone at the Laurencekirk Development Trust!