Minute of Management Meeting Wed. 12 December 2018 at 7.00pm

1. Jim Stuart chaired the meeting and welcomed members and guest.

2. Apologies were received from Tero Luoma and Doug Shaw.

3. Present: Jim Stuart, Colleen Herderson; Anne-Maryse Churchill;Toby Burrell;Alastair Donald; Mike Robson and Lynn Moir.

In attendance: Rory Dutton DTAS officer.

4. No conflicts of interest were presented.

5. Minutes of the October and November meetings were presented and approved. Proposed by AMC and seconded by CH.

6. Matters arising from the minutes:

a) CH reported on her communications with Morna Harper, economic development officer A. She was directed to a ”Support for Business” Scheme which was delivered via Heather Macrae the area economic development officer.

b) CH noted that the recommended contact in regard to the management of developer obligations in Aberdeenshire is Paul McCarrie.

c) J.S. gave an update with the progress of the St; Laurence Hall SCIO which is continuing to move towards acquiring the building. They now have a website St Laurence town hall.co.uk.

d) M.R. reported on communications ongoing regarding potential users for the Conveth Project. These include Graeme Hooper AC re Men’s Sheds, MCHLN also re Men’s Sheds, Linda Babbs, Community Development Officer, AC re various social needs and Diane Hastie re social services input.

Responses were received via Facebook and blogs on the AB30 website and it is intended to hold an open meeting in the new year to discuss matters further. A note on STEM units from Tero has been circulated to committee members.

7. DTAS.
Rory Dutton, area development officer for the Development Trust Association was introduced and presented details of the history and activities of the organisation. (LDT has been a member for 6 years).

He noted that they hold an annual conference each year in Cumbernauld on the first Sunday and Monday of September.

Specific items covered included: The Community Exchange Fund to cover the cost of visiting other projects across Scotland.

An advisory service for new and prospective directors (one free session is available) usual cost is £250 plus expenses.

The organisation’s legal advisors are Burness Paul (a free session for 30min. is offered via DTAS).
HR advice is taken from Scott Moncrieff.


We had a discussion on the definition of “Community Benefit” and were advised that we can define this ourselves (list the benefits and the time scale in years).

Funding guidance. Although becoming more challenging a well argued case could still be successful.

Business Models:
E.g. Community Benefit Society (via community shares) – this is a recent addition to the choices and replaces more antiquated models.

Opportunities do exist to fund a development officer for up to one year.

We discussed the CAT documents produced by AC and the impact of the changes resulting from the Community Empowerment Act. It was suggested that we re-apply to gain further protection from the new legislation.

We were also advised to re-contact the contact for the Scottish Land Fund and advise on our current situation.

The chairman thanked Rory for his time and very useful advice.

8. AOCB.
Website funding. LM updated the committee on the website finances and its current needs.
Donations to cover those were made as follows:
J.S. £20, MR £10, AMC £10, CH £5 and TB £5.

8. The due date for the January meeting is Wednesday January 9th.
The meeting was closed at 8.45pm.