Meeting held on Wed. 13th February in Burgh Buildings at 7.00pm. Chaired by Jim Stuart.

1. Present : Lynn Moir, John Medlock, Toby Burrell, Jim Stuart, Euan Ramsay, Anne-Maryse Churchill, Mike Robson, Ann Lewendon and Doug Shaw

2. Apologies: Colleen Henderson.

3. Notification of conflicts of interest : none.

4. Minute of meeting, 12th December 2018 presented and approved without change. Proposed by Toby Burrell and seconded by Anne-Maryse Churchill.

5. Matters arising from minutes. All included in agenda.

6. ”Conveth Project” review.
a) The committee agreed to submit an up-to-date application form to link to the changed CAT regulations adopted in the Community Empowerment Act. (Action MR to liaise with Rory Dutton of DTAS.)

b) Following the DTAS advice, reinstall the plan for a community benefit company to run family orientated restaurant.(Action: refer to Social Bite model).

c) Notification of Council’s decision to hold a Men’s Shed information meeting for residents of Laurencekirk. (M.R.) Contacts Linda Babbs and Graeme Hooper from A.C.

d) Agree a plan to contact local community groups re interest in the Conveth Project.(Action AMC, ER and MR)
Art Group. contact Sheila Sutherland (Action MR)

e) Re mobile library to link with Conveth Project. Action MR contact Jill Reid.

7 a) Access path to Garvock Hill as shown in Amey plan for graded junction on A90.Access for NMUs (non-mechanical users inc. pedestrians, cyclists and horse-riders) not clear.

Action (i) Request more details of footpath and budget available from Amey.(Action MR).

(ii) Meet to arrange details of lease from Messrs Cooper, Johnston Mains.of Establish cost of associated work and legal agreement. (Action J.S.)

7 b) Communication from Amey re environmental impact of graded junction.

Map enclosed but with no written explanation. LDT to question whether proposed foot/cycle path is part of the project and how it is being funded.

Pavement /path access from Laurencekirk to junction unclear. Action : MR write to Amey for clarification.

8. Laurencekirk Gala event. It was agreed to make further enquiries re available funding and to consider a limited event this year.Action MR, JS. Contact locally involved residents to gauge support. Euan Ramsay suggested use of old academy playing fields.
Check on dates for other local Galas to avoid clash.

9. Ticket sales from the Aberdeen Operatic Show in Mearns Academy resulted in a donation of £100 to support the work of the community website. Euan Ramsay was thanked for his help in arranging this fund raising project.

10. ER intimated that Fiona Crystal , the postmistress is organising a “community fair” to celebrate the Post Office. The committee welcomed this news and agreed to support the event. Date tbc.

11. AGM preparations. 20th March 2019 proposed.
Location will depend on availability Masonic Hall (JS) Venue( contact Shelagh Richardson) and Academy (MR).
Need to attract replacement 3 or 4 directors. For website advert to be produced between Lynn and Anne-Maryse. To target Garvock Hill path, Gala and Community Centre.

E-mail to be sent to members more than 14 days prior to the event.

To provide glass of wine for attendees.

12. AOCB none.

13. Date of next meeting AGM to be confirmed.