Minute of the Laurencekirk Development Trust 17 February 2020 – Burgh Buildings 7.30 pm
Chaired by Jim Stuart

Present: Jim Stuart (JS), Anne-Maryse Churchill (AMC), Carol Medlock (CM), Euan Ramsay, (ER), Fred Higgins (FH), John Medlock (JM), Lesley Higgins (LH), Marion Robson (MMR), Mike Robson (MR), Morag Mitchell (MM)

1. Welcome from JS.

2. Apologies: Lynn Moir and Toby Burrell

3. Notification of Conflicts of Interest: None.

4. Minute of Meeting of August 2019: Proposed by CM and Seconded by MMR.

5. Matters arising: All covered in the Agenda.

6. CAT Transfer/Conveth Project: ER giving report on the up to date position. Summarising that we need long term tenants and it is crucial to have a business plan. The Out of School Club and the Café could be the keyholders. JS advising that the café would be open at night, have healthy choices (in view of the objections to the pizza premises) and have a licence.

ER also advising that it is imperative that there is a Management Committee. JS advising that there would need to be such a Committee under a Charity. The keyholders could call out necessary tradespeople to fix any problems. MM saying that it is better to have a Janitor/Handyman as Stonehaven do. JS noting that there needs to be PAT testing and that if we are successful we should have 3 separate boilers. The café only need a shell which they would fit out themselves. JS also saying that we should rent out the solum of the existing portacabins to allow erection of two new ones which would cost around £30,000. That would not be our expense.

CM saying we are getting ahead of ourselves. MR saying we have done social media but no fliers yet. ER confirming that the interested parties so far are Out of School Club, Poppies for two afternoons, CAB for 1 afternoon, Gala Committee, Fettercairn Show Committee (although they will ultimately have their own hall) and LDT. There are others that are interested but have not committed. ER also pointing out that there would be opportunities for numerous one off events such as Birthdays, Anniversaries and any other special occasions. Café could do the catering. MR commenting that the surrounding would need to be really nice.

There ensued a discussion about next steps. We need to do the flier drop! If we divide it up between all of us that makes it easier. MR saying we need to divide them up in to streets. CM and AMC offering to assist with that. JM commenting that Social Media would have captured most of the potentially interested people. MR advising that problems with the groups list because of GDPR. MS commenting that there are 85 different groups which she will give us a note of. MR managed to find out contact details simply by talking to people. ER confirming that the collation of responses is 7. Action: ER to have fliers prepared at a cost of £65. ALL to deal with organisation and distribution of leaflets.

7. Laurencekirk Gala: MM reporting that the gala is going very well. Now organising the activities for the actual week itself. 5th July Treasure Hunt, 6th July Bingo, 7th July Kids Disco and Quiz Night, 8th July main gala day, MM obtaining permissions for the parade, Mearns Vintage Vehicle Club, Circus Alba will be in the parade and then performing in the park, donkey rides, Fire Brigade and market (26 stallholders), outdoor Farmers Market, Cataylyst Church doing service, Country and Western Dance at the Dickson Hall. The Bingo Nights are doing very well. They have between 60 and 82 at each night. The next one is 7 April and the following one is 5 May. The Car Boot starts again in May. MM advising that got tables from the Episcopal Church in Stonehaven and gave them a donation of £100. They are in good condition. Various donations and a potential grant from the wind farm of £2500. Total so far is £4468. Nearer the time collect raffle prizes. Ringlink donating/sponsoring Band at a cost of £1500.

8. LDT Website: AMC directing everyone to the email report from LM in her absence.

9. Review of Communication with Members and GDPR: MM reporting that out of 171 we only have 49 positive replies. 122 have not replied/wrong email/no email. MR advising that the Council look for about 200 members for us to receive funding etc. AMC suggesting we use flier to invite people to become members and to respond by email or a tear off slip and a drop off box at eg the Post Office.

10. Meeting with Council: AMC to chase up Roddy McInnes for a progress report. JM advising we should also copy in all the Councillors and that CM will give AMC the details Action: AMC and CM.

11. Current LDT Vehicle: Defer.

12. Treasurer: AMC discussing Bower and Smith again. Advising that AVA cannot help us but will assist by advertising for a Treasurer. JM will speak with his own accountants. AMC advising that she has received all paperwork from Ann Lewendon.

13. Vacant Position of Secretary: AMC confirming that she will step down after AGM and continue as a Member. MR thought TB may be interested. AMC can assist him with that.

14. Secretarys Report: Made throughout the meeting.

15. Treasurers Report: See above.

16. Chairmans Report: JS confirming he will be stepping down but will still be on the sidelines and discussing possibilities to fill his shoes. MMR advising that we need a Vice Chair also.

17. AOCB: Confirming that the flier will advertise the AGM and have an application to join the LDT as a member. Location for AGM Masonic Hall 17/3/20. AMC suggesting an interim meeting on 10 March to check we are prepared for AGM.

18. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 10 March 2020.