Minute of the Laurencekirk Development Trust 10 July 2019 – Burgh Buildings 7.30 pm.

Chaired by Jim Stuart

Present: Jim Stuart (JS), Colleen Henderson (CH), Anne-Maryse Churchill (AMC), Euan Ramsay (ER), Fred Higgins (FH), Lesley Higgins (LH), John Medlock (JM) Morag Mitchell (MM), Euan Ramsay (ER)

1. Welcome from JS. CH tendered her resignation at the beginning of the meeting due to work and particularly family commitments. Action: AMC to remove CH as Director.

2. Apologies were submitted by Toby Burrell and Marion Robson.

3. Notifications of conflicts of interest: None.

4. Minute of Meeting on 8 May 2019: Proposed by CH and seconded by AMC.

5. Matters Arising from the Minutes. All matters within the Agenda.

6. Conveth Project: JS started the discussion. JS advised that Diane Strachan had been chasing him. He met with her regarding another matter and she brought it up.

He advised that two ladies were very interested in running a community café. He did not disclose their identity at this time. They would be prepared to sign a lease and pay a rental of £700 per month. CH asking if kitchen would be sufficient. JS showing the group a proposed plan to divide up the building. Agreed that existing kitchen should remain which would allow two parties to have facilities at any one time.

The Rotary are also anxious to relocate. They nominally have 30 covers at their meeting. Out of school club wishes to move and would apparently be prepared to sign a long lease. There is already a portacabin there. The roof is rotten. Aberdeenshire has old portacabins. The cost would be £10,000. JS also advised that the old oil boiler would need to go and suggesting it be replaced by 2 domestic boilers. The café would have their own one and pay for that. The yearly cost would be £2400 approx compared to the current cost of £18000.

JS suggesting a Fabric Fund be set up but the centre would run as a no profit organisation. LH advising that when she worked for the Harbour Fund it was not profit making although it brought in considerable revenue but it was all fed back in to the organisation.

There was a discussion about how much revenue the out of school club could bring in. They use 1900 hours a year. There is a Committee who pay the staff. MM kindly offered to find out more due to her previous involvement. She will find out the revenue and costs and check who the Accountant is who deals with the preparation of the accounts. When the Out of School Club were in the Centre previously the revenue was £26,500. The costs were £35,000 so it ran at a loss but these costs could be cut down considerably.

We would need to find funds to refurbish the building. LH asking if we could get assistance with that from the Council. JS also advised that there is another NOI from the City Church. They have viewed and are preparing their feasibility study. The Art Club have also indicated their interest.

AMC suggesting that as the Conveth Committee now no longer exists the whole group should meet to discuss the preparation of the CAT Application Form. This was accepted and it was agreed that the next meeting on 14 August would be used exclusively to deal with the CAT application. ER kindly offered to supply a projector to make things easier. In the meantime AMC to contact Diane Strachan to confirm our interest to push things forward. AMC will copy the group in. AMC will also contact Rory Dutton to look over the Application. JS mentioning that a lady called Heather MacRae at the Council would look through it for us prior to submission. In the meantime we need to get Letters of Intent from the interested parties. Action: AMC to email Diane Strachan and Rory Dutton and copy in group.

7. Access Path to Garvock Hill. JS reporting he had come to a dead end as the farmer is selling and we don’t know who we will be dealing with.

8. Laurencekirk Gala: MM advising that there were 28 boots and had to turn some away but the turnout of the public was not good and they will do more advertising and MM is organising banners for the next ones. The next car boot will be 21 July and August, September and October will also be organised. The time is being changed from 10.30 to 1.30 to allow for local football match. Duck Race organised for August £2 per duck. 200 have been sold. September Gala coffee morning is on 28 September. The Railway coffee morning is on 21 September at 10.15 (AMC noting that this clashes with Farmers Market) and the LDT coffee morning is on 14 September. Tough Mudder is to be in JM’s field on 6th August. The Gala Dance is to be 8 August 2020. The school disco has already taken place and raised £480

9. Review of Communication with members and GDPR: MM has been working very hard on this. A lot of the emails have bounced back and we now have no contact details but MM suggesting snail mail or hand delivery at the last known address if we have it. Quite a few people don’t want to be involved anymore but we will ask if we can keep their details for 7 years.. Action MM.

10. Grant Appplication to Aberdeenshire for £305 grant. No sign of the monies. Mike dealt with the application. JS advising that Lesley Robertson knows about it so we can discuss it with her at the meeting on 8 August Action: JS

11. Tenth Anniversary of reopening of railway station. MR text a report confirming the position that matters are well forward. See last month’s Minute Action: MR, MM, LH, LM and ER

12. Vacant Position of Treasurer: Discussing the matter of the vacancy. Everyone will think about who could take it on. No-one in the existing group has the ability or facility. Post something on AB30. AMC will contact LM about it Action: AMC

13. Secretarys Report: Speaking to the group about Tero and noting that he has not been for some time. AMC will send an email to him asking if he wishes to continue Action: AMC

14. Treasurers Report: AMC will advise Companies House of change of address to JS. Action: AMC.

15. Chairmans Report: Discussing further meeting with Lesley Robertson on 8 August. AMC will attend Action: AMC.

16. Fund raising. Discussed as above

17. AOCB. Discussing Benholm Bikes

18. Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 14 August at 7.30 pm in the Burgh Buildings. Sole matters to be discussed CAT Application.