Minute of the Laurencekirk Development Trust 12th June 2019 – Burgh Buildings 7.30 pm
Chaired by Colleen Henderson
Present: Colleen Henderson (CH), Anne-Maryse Churchill (AMC), Marion Robson (MR), Fred Higgins (FH), Lesley Higgins (LH), Morag Mitchell (MM), Ann Lewendon (AL), Euan Ramsay (ER), Lynn Moir (LM)

1. Welcome from CH.

2. Apologies were submitted by Jim Stuart and Toby Burrell.

3. Notifications of conflicts of interest: None.

4. Minute of Meeting on 8 May 2019: Proposed by AMC and seconded by ER.

5. Matters Arising from the Minutes. Note date of car boot sale is to be 23 June 2019 at Mearns Academy Bus Park.

6. Conveth Project: CH and AMC reported on visit to the old Stonehaven Sheriff Court which was acquired through a CAT for £1. CH putting pros and cons. CH suggesting we bring in local groups to pool our expertise as it is such a big project on our own. AL suggesting fund raising to get local support as well as getting funds to employ someone to take it forward as so many of us willing but time poor. Various suggestions as to how we could raise funds to get the necessary professional advice. MR suggesting a coffee morning which was well received. MR will check suitable dates.

Action: MR. MM suggesting doing an application for funding. There is a fund of £4000 which we could tender for. CH also pointing out that there are £50,000 of developer obligations which would be available. MM suggesting applying for some of the windmill money and Leader funding. CH suggesting a walk through of the community centre to raise awareness. Briefly discussing the meeting with Lesley Robertson of the Council with the various local groups that CH and TB attended. FH asking what the value of the CC is and if anyone else interested. Advising that there had been interest but not sure if there is anymore but we will be advised. AMC to chase up Diane Strachan again regarding the valuation. Action: AMC

7. Access Path to Garvock Hill. Bringing this up as MR had asked JS to take it forward. In the absence of JS no report.

8. Laurencekirk Gala: MM advising that matters are proceeding well. The car boot sale is going ahead on the 23 June. Twelve pitches sold already at a cost of £10 each. Also variety of things going forward to raise money which MM estimates will be about £7000 including end of term disco, Duck race, Tough Mudder (field from John Medlock), Medium Night at the Crown and Gala Dance to name but a few.

9. Review of Communication with members and GDPR: MM is working on this. Action MM.

10. Grant Appplication to Aberdeenshire for £305 grant. No one knows anything about this apart from the fact that it hasn’t come in. Action: JS

11. Tenth Anniversary of reopening of railway station. MR gave a detailed report of progress to date. All going very well. A number of meetings have taken place in particular one with the Station Manager Gemma Forbes. The celebration will take place at the station between 10.15 and 11 which is the quietest time train wise. Thereafter we will go to the Dickson Hall for teas and coffees. There will be a small charge of £3 for adults (children free) which will pay for the hall at £17.50 per hour.

A number of hours will be required to facilitate the set up and clear up. There will be bunting at the station supplied by Scotrail, freebies for the children, pipers and dancers. ED Murray will do the speech. Scotrail will do the posters which will include the original re-opening poster. Agreed this is an ideal time to do all of this with all the ongoing timetabling problems and to raise awareness again of how important the station is to us. Action: MR, MM, LH, LM and ER.

12. Vacant Position of Treasurer: It was noted with sadness that due to work commitments AL is resigning as she is relocating to Aberdeen. CH thanked AL on behalf of the group for her invaluable contribution. AL then discussed the details and handed over all the paperwork to CH as custodian pending the appointment of a new Treasurer. AL noting that perhaps if we are going to have a lot of funds we should employ someone to do the work for us. The Bank and Companies House will need to be advised of change of address. The next tax return does not need to be filed until November 20/20. Also noting Villages in Control still has a balance of £40. Signatories for the Bank are Jim, Ann and Mike. ER speaking about online banking which would make things easier.

13. Secretarys Report: Matters arising as noted above. AMC advising about DTAS conference on 1 and 2 September. MR and MR will be attending. Noting that Lesley Robertson wishes another meeting with all the community groups in August if possible. Rory Dutton in touch about another CAT transfer. Noting that a gentleman David Johnston-Oates wishes to become a member of LDT.

14. Treasurers Report: As above under item 12 of the Agenda.

15. Chairmans Report: None as JS not in attendance.

16. Fund raising. Discussed as above under item 6 of the Agenda.

17. AOCB. None.

18. Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 10 July at 7.30 pm in the Burgh Buildings.