Minute of the Laurencekirk Development Trust 8 May 2019 – Burgh Buildings 7.30 pm.
Chaired by Jim Stuart.
Present: Jim Stuart (JS), Anne-Maryse Churchill (AMC), Marion Robson (MR), Fred Higgins (FH) , Lesley Higgins (LH), Morag Mitchell (MM), Toby Burrell (TB)

1. Welcome from JS.

2. Apologies were submitted by John Medlock, Coleen Henderson and Ann Lewendon. TB asking to go round table so that all new Directors were introduced properly.

3. Notifications of conflicts of interest: None.

4. Minute of Meeting on 10 April: Proposed by JS and seconded by MM.

5. Matters Arising from the Minutes. All included in the Agenda.

6. Conveth Project: Many groups are or would be interested. Out of school club. Library would be happy and it can be done in a number of ways. Open library and “book shop.” MR suggesting book club. Chest, Heart and Stroke. MR and MR would look after that. Mental Health – no support there presently at the moment so there is an opening for that. Portocabin for Mens Shed suggested by JS.

Regarding the out of school club there can be up to 70 or 80 children involved. We would be looking for the Council to pay for the space. LH saying it would need to be a separate space. MR thinks parents would help raise funds. TB pointing out that a reception would be needed for the children coming in. JS advising that there are excess portocabins for use and a discussion evolved round that. There were old portocabins that were used at the old Academy.

There was a discussion re The Venue. Older generation need more to do. The average age around Blackiemuir Avenue is 55.

7. Access Path to Garvock Hill. JS advises that he has been hijacked as Amey involved Action JS.

8. Laurencekirk Gala: MM advising that there are 10 Committee members and 12 volunteers. A sub-committee has been set up for the bar. There was a £4000 fund for that but because it was not used it was distributed to the Memorial Park. Noting that the marquee is going to cost £3500. Date is to be 8 August 2020. Coop at the north end is getting involved. T shirts being printed. There is a funding page been set up. Car Boot on the 16 June at the Academy car park. Coffee mornings. Race nights. Many ideas for the event itself including Disco, car treasure hunt and the hill run. The Gala Committee have taken a table at the Farmers Market in May to promote the gala. There is also to be a fashion show. City church are to be asked to do the service. Bowling club will do a competition. Quiz night at the Alma. Special attraction could be motorbike show with stunts. Tough mudder for adults and children also as a fundraiser.

9. Review of Communication with members and GDPR: MM is working on this. Action MM.

10. Grant Appplication to Aberdeenshire for £305 grant. Check if it has come in to the Bank. MR did the application. TB and CH going to meeting with Lesley Robertson at the Campus on 13/5/19 from 7 -8. Action: JS

11. Tenth Anniversary of reopening of railway station. MR asking if everyone would come to her house for a meeting. MM, LH, LM and ER would be involved as previously minuted. Suggesting 15/5/19 at 7.30. MR will email everyone accordingly. MR thinking of September. Will check with station master that that is okay. Will organise tea at the Dickson Hall. Action: MR, MM, LH, LM and ER

12. Secretarys Report: Matters arising as noted above. AMC advising of response from Diane Strachan about the survey report etc and reading out her email response about the survey report as well as her response to our query about the £170,000 costs of bringing the CC about to standard.

13. Treasurers Report: No report but nothing has changed since April.

14. Chairmans Report: Reminder re meeting with Lesley Robertson. One of the biggest issues is parking. There are real problems. Campaigning for fire station to move to JourneyCall unit which is now empty.

15. Fund raising. Nothing to report.

16. AOCB. Reminder from AMC about petition for change to Scotrail timetable. FH reminding everyone that the timetable changes again shortly. MM advising that the minor injuries clinic may close. There are three ptions. 1. Keep as is. 2. Close completely. 3. Close from 10 at night. Minor surgery is not A & E but some people use it as that. There is a consultation going on at the moment.

17. Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 12 June at 7.30 pm in the Burgh Buildings. Conveth Committee to meet 22 May 2019 at 7.30 pm in the Burgh Buildings.