Minute of Informal Meeting on 13th November 2018.

  1. Jim Stuart chaired the meeting.

2. Apologies were received from Doug Shaw, Alastair Donald, Ann Lewendon and Toby Burrell.

3. Present: Jim Stuart, Anne-Maryse Churchill, Colleen Henderson, John Medlock and Mike Robson.(non-quorate).

4. Notice of conflicts of interest – none.

5. Minutes of the October Meeting not presented for approval as committee not quorate.

6. Updates on issues covered in the minutes.

a) St Laurence Hall committee are due to meet on 14th November.

The committee have created a SCIO as a business model and are working on a business plan. Their aim has moved on from lease to purchase of the hall and this is being looked on favourably. They have been asked to nominate a fall-back community group to be nominated as a successor/facilitator if the SCIO was in crisis. The committee would be happy if LDT would accept this potential role.

AMC suggested that LDT should have site of the SCIO constitution and business proposal before agreeing. (Action: All to consider this proposal).

b) Area Manager’s project to collate data gathered from LDT and Council public engagements with a view to utilising the information to inform the local development plan and community action plan. A project manager has been appointed but there has been no feedback to date. Action: Colleen Henderson.

c) Meeting with Morna Harper re economic development support. Meeting has not taken place to date. Action: Colleen Henderson.

d) Conveth Project:

Not known if any response to draft executive summary. (Action MR to contact A.L.)

i) MR contacted Rory Dutton of DTAS. A meeting is to be arranged and Mike will ask for a choice of dates. The aim is to review the CAT application, consider business models and establish what help can be given by DTAS.

ii) The valuation of the community centre was discussed and a market valuation for the existing building was assessed by Jim Stuart. J.S. also noted the options of purchasing adjacent land to enhance the potential of the site.

iii) MR presented a recent financial report from a local community hall as a comparison for the business plan.

iv) MR met the head teacher of Mearns academy re ideas staff may have to benefit thesupport and development of students. No proposals were forthcoming.

v) MR discussed youth neds with a recently retired youth worker. She suggested that using a social bite café for training young people who needed support in work situations.

vi) Men’s shed. MR to start to promote the concept and meet with interested parties including existing groups in the area.

vii) Jim reported that the art club which was using the Community room at the Campus has moved to Redmyre Hall after issues with the facilities available.

viii) Reports have been received that the Out of School Club may also be unhappy with the primary school facilities. Action MR to contact the group.

e) Fund raising.

i) Anne Maryse to meet with Mike and discuss organisation for the “Sponsored Exercise Marathon”.

ii) Marion Robson supplied a model for organising a Burns Supper. Currently only one supper is planned (by Dickson Hall). Noted that a team would be required if self-catering was anticipated.

Other options e.g. coffee mornings may be better fund raiser.

f) Would members like to have a Christmas Dinner at the December meeting? (Action: please advise secretary).

g) A note was circulated to committee members about an event being held in Aberdeen on 24th November and organised by DTAS. This could be a good opportunity to pick up ideas and information. If interested please contact Mike to arrange transport sharing.

h) Re-instating a Gala event. Continuing to seek out members involved in the last event. Please advise Mike if you have any information.