Minute of the Laurencekirk Development Trust 18 November 2019 – Burgh Buildings 7.30 pm
Chaired by Jim Stuart
Present: Jim Stuart (JS), Anne-Maryse Churchill (AMC), Carol Medlock (CM), Euan Ramsay, (ER), Fred Higgins (FH), Lesley Higgins (LH), Marion Robson (MR), Morag Mitchell (MM)

1. Welcome from JS.

2. Apologies: John Medlock, Lynn Moir, Toby Burrell

3. Notification of Conflicts of Interest: None.

4. Minute of Meeting of August 2019: Proposed by ER and Seconded by AMC

5. Matters arising: All covered in the Agenda.

6. CAT Transfer/Conveth Project: JS expressed the opinion that a lot of people are disappointed that we are not progressing. He feels that we need to get the measure of public opinion. There ensued a discussion about how this might be done. AMC and MM expressing the opinion that they thought we had moved on from it. ER advising that we should target as many as possible and suggesting that it be done by social media. MR suggesting leafleting so that we can target the older people in the community who do not use technology or social media. ER will come up with some ideas and then share them with our Group. Suggesting we have a new email address for that alone that he will set up and man. Use Dropbox to gauge reaction. MM and AMC expressing an opinion that it is a massive commitment and how challenging it has been doing the gala. People who volunteer have the best of intentions but people do fall away. We should not take any decisions about the way forward for the Trust until we can put this to bed.

7. Laurencekirk Gala: Excellent report from MM. The Medium Night was sold out with 80 people there and a £700 profit. The bingo nights are doing very well and increasing in numbers and going to be a regular feature. The age group is 18 to 80 and both men and women. The Halloween Disco went well with 60 kids. The Christmas disco is on 6/12. Catalyst Disco are running a Zumba session on 29/11 and paying for all of with the proceeds going to the Gala. Quiz Night at the Alma on 31/1. Country and Western Night in February. £500 received from Mrs Lindseys Dance Show. Co-op are donating a percentage of the proceeds of sale of Coop branded goods to the Gala. Scotmid have donated £200 and there is a cheque available from Ring(?) for in excess of £100.

8. LDT Website: Meeting with MM, AMC and LM not yet taken place. AMC will push this on Action: AMC.

9. Review of Communication with Members and GDPR: Ongoing.

10. K and S Grant: AMC advising that although granted we have to produce invoices and AMC is in communication with LM but agreeing that we will look through all the financial papers that JS received from AL when she resigned as Treasurer. AMC, ER (who wishes to become Treasurer) and JS can do this Action: JS, AMC, ER.

11. Laurencekirk Place Standards Meeting: JS updating those who were not at the meeting on 11 November. Agreeing High Street needs addressed. AMC reading out follow up email from Lesley Robertson. Main point is that Council have agreed and will push forward us having our own representative. JS believes that we should go back to the days of having a Burgh Foreman to co-ordinate things that need done around the Village.

12. Current LDT Vehicle: Having long discussion but agreeing that until we have assessed the temperature of the water for the CAT for the Community Centre we should remain as we are. AMC remarking we should have some sort of time limit on that. JS saying he would need to be convinced. ER/CM feel we need to start afresh. MR saying we should look at a SCIO. AMC sending on info about a SCIO to all in the Committee.

13. Treasurer: ER keen to take on the Role. JS mentioning Alex King Accountant to give guidance. AMC, ER and JS will meet to discuss papers Action: AMC to set up meeting.

14. Christmas Dinner at Ramsay Arms: AMC confirming booked for 14 on the 12th of December and finally had it acknowledged. MM and MR cannot manage due to prior arrangements. Meantime looking at JM, CM, JS, AMC, ER, MMR, LH, FH, LM and TB attending (10). Can be re-assessed nearer the time in terms of numbers.

15. Secretarys Report: Made throughout the meeting.

16. Treasurers Report: None.

17. Chairmans Report: Comments throughout the meeting.

18. AOCB: FH and LH very generously advising they will give us £1000 to help with ongoing expenses. JS thanking them very much. AMC commenting on how much of a difference it will make. MR says she will pay for leafleting and AMC offering thanks for this generous offer. MR suggesting we should perhaps change the name of our organisation. JS saying that people particularly in the Council know us as LDT.

19. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 21 January. Try to make meetings the third Tuesday of the month. AMC advising that difficult if she is not available but MM offering to take Minutes in that event.