Minute of the Laurencekirk Development Trust 11 November 2019 – Burgh Buildings 7.30 pm
Chaired by Jim Stuart

Present: Jim Stuart (JS), Anne-Maryse Churchill (AMC), Carol Medlock (CM), Euan Ramsay, (ER) John Medlock (JM), Marion Robson (MR), Mike Robson (MMR), Toby Burrell (TB) Lesley Robertson (LR) and Fiona Thomson (FT)

1. Welcome from JS.

2. Apologies: Morag Mitchell.

3. Notification of Conflicts of Interest: None.

4. Minute of Meeting of August 2019: Proposed by ER and Seconded by JM

5. Matters arising: All covered in the Agenda.

6. CAT Transfer: Deferred.

7. Laurencekirk Gala: Deferred.

8. LDT Website: Deferred but AMC confirming grant received to pay LM. No meeting has yet taken place to discuss. Action: LM, MM and AMC.

9. Review of Communication: Deferred. Action: MM

10. Grant Application: Approved as above and await funds. Action: AMC.

11. Laurencekirk Place Standard Meeting: Separate note attached. regarding full meeting with LR and FT.

12. Tenth Anniversary Reopening of Railway Station: MM advising that it was a great success as confirmed by all who attended the celebrations. It was enjoyed by all. The raffle went well. JS extended special thanks to MR and the Committee. There will be approximately £200 left once all overheads have been met.

13. Vacant Position of Treasurer: Deferred but ER offering. Action: AMC

14. Secretarys Report: Briefly mentioning vehicle of LDT. Fit for purpose?

15. Treasurers Report: None

16. Chairmans Report: Pervasive throughout the Meeting.

17. AOCB: Deferred re TB concerns over vaping advertising. Discussion about Christmas Night out and agreed AMC will book The Ramsay Arms at 7 pm for 14. Book for non festive menu.

18. Date of November (Christmas) Meeting: 18 November 2019 at Burgh Buildings.